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Live October 7-9, 2021

 OCTOBER 7-9  WWW.Ozarkcreativewriters.com  Eureka Springs, AR

Velda Brotherton will present a workshop on writing essays in combination with presenting interviews and stories that forever hold the memories of time. 

Come with me on a journey through the back roads and byways of a place where the present holds hands so tightly with the past that the two are often difficult to separate.

Learn to write in such a way that the people you meet are presented real. They existed or exist but sometimes memory and images become entangld with a touch of fantasy so that we may be left wondering which is which. 

This was her first published book, Wandering In The Shadows of Time, and it is often praised as some of her best writing. A video made later followed her to record how she trod deeply within the shadows of time to present very special stories,   is still presented online and may be watched here:  

Grand Opening of West Fork Treasure Trove, Local Author Book Signing & Karaoke Fun on July 7, 2018
Saturday, July 7, is Beverley Carter's birthday, and she's inviting all to her Grand Opening of the West Fork Treasure Trove, open since March at 36 Main Street. Her store in the Culp Enterprises Building (formerly Super Foods) has grown well, and offers a wide variety of high quality re-sale clothing and accessories for men, women, and children--and great arts, crafts, and jewelry. It is currently open Saturdays from 9 to 5, and will have expanded hours next month.
Gary Culp will soon offer new books for sale by local authors, and is sponsoring a book signing as part of the activities. His wife Susan will be leading karaoke fun via Singing Susan and Friends, following the book signing.
Free water, sodas, and snacks will be available throughout the day. To add to the fun, drawings for free and discounted items and services will occur throughout the day. Winners don't have to be present, as they may be contacted via phone later.
Drawings will feature: 25% off discounts--up to $50 total purchase--for any items in the West Fork Treasure Trove; free auto-bay washes at Culp's Super Wash; autographed books by local authors participating in the book signing; and free drinks at Brewtiful Espresso, the recently opened business in Culp's parking lot.


The book signing from 2-5 will include author Gil Miller, Signa Bodishbaugh, Alan Lampe, Vivian Cummings, Velda Brotherton, J.B. Hogan, Susan Culp, Talya Boerner, and others being added daily. They offer a wide variety of book themes, from history to romance, thriller, comedy and more.


The day's schedule includes:
• 9 to 5 sales in the West Fork Treasure Trove
• 11 to 4 hourly free drawings
• 1:30 birthday cake cutting for Beverley
• 2 to 5 book signing
• 5 to 7 karaoke fun
While enjoying the day, ask about Operation REBOOT, which helps NWA homeless vets move into Government contracted apartments by supplying ALL required household goods. Gary, a 26-year active duty Vietnam combat vet, has housed REBOOT donations for over a year. This great charity will soon be part of the Freedom Through Faith Foundation to be housed within the building--aiding veterans, law enforcement professionals, firefighters, and other first responders. Paula Dutton, with her group of local volunteers, creates soft, warm sleeping bags at the Old Store for the homeless, using scrap fabrics.
We hope you'll come join this community-minded bunch for a day to remember!

Registration begins March 26 for my Workshop Turning Life Experiences Into Exciting Fiction
At The Fayetteville Public Library In the Ann Henry Board Room April 13 from 2-4 p.m.
For 20 years I wandered the four-county Boston Mountain area interviewing residents, taking photographs and writing stories about my adventures and those related to me over those years. One large non-fiction book came out of those travels titled The Boston Mountains Lost In the Ozarks which is still available on Amazon.
In later years I decided to write a fiction romantic suspense book using those same exciting adventures in the series. The Purloined Skull, the first book in The Twist of Poe series – called that because the titles twist those from books written by Edgar Allan Poe – was picked up for publication and I am now working on number six. The stories feature a newspaper reporter (surprise) and a sexy deputy sheriff hired as the first crime scene investigator for a small county department. Grace county will seem familiar to all my readers as well as residents in our four county area. I’ll leave it up to readers to decide.
Darting about the small county Jessie and Dal play tag and other fun games, her covering the story for the paper and sticking her nose in on his investigation while he tries valiantly to avoid her with little success. Her actions both annoy and intrigue him, depending on whether she helps or hinders his efforts to catch the bad guys.
How did I incorporate the truth with my fiction? How far can writers go copying real life? Can someone sue them? Where do we draw the line between real people and those we create? Between real locations, and real events? Oh sure, you do have tales to tell, just think about it and jot them down. We’ll talk about them at the workshop. And we’ll discuss how you can begin when you sit down to write your own story based on real events.
All these questions and more will be investigated in this two-hour workshop. Once you have learned how to begin, what to write and how far you can go, we’ll discuss your ideas and mine and I’ll answer your questions. I will have copies of the first four in this series in case you want one. They are also available on Kindle and in print on my Amazon page at www.amazon.com/author/veldabrotherton. #5 will be out in July and #6 is presently going into my computer as the ideas strike.


Free Conference in Honor of Dusty Richards
Saturday, March 10 – 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Ozarks Electric 3641 North Wedington Dr., Fayetteville
Tables available for published author’s books
Dusty and his wife Pat were involved in a severe automobile accident. As a result Pat passed away on January 10 and Dusty followed her January 18. Because of the years he spent not only writing over 100 western novels, but helping other writers with their careers, we are dedicating this free conference to him and his accomplishments.
In 1985 he founded Northwest Arkansas Writers Workshop with the help of Velda Brotherton. Along with the assistance of other members of the writer’s group, the free conference came about twelve years ago. To register please email Velda at veldaeb@gmail.com. We would like to get a head count and will have to cut off registrations at 70 because of the size of the room so register early. Watch Facebook for any forthcoming announcements.

Schedule of conference
8:00 – 9:00 Sign In & Breakfast
9 a.m. opening & greetings
9:15 – 10:15 Linda Apple Writing Life
10:15 – 10:30 Break
10:30 – 11:30 Linda Apple Workshop Your Stories Matter writing non-fiction
11:30 – 1:30 lunch & socializing
1:30 – 2:30 Velda Brotherton What Have You Done? Using lifetime experiences to write fiction
2:45 – 4 pm Dusty Honorarium What Has He Done? Followed by Sharing Dusty Stories





Conference Schedule:


5:30 Supper at SkyVue – Reservations for supper required when you register for conference


7 p.m. in the Conference Room – Musician Jesse Dean will speak, play and sing. Dean's blues-rock originals showcase soulful bass lines, muscular lead and rhythm guitar, vibrating riffs and sultry jams. They reflect a blend influences from Mark Knopfler and Gary Rossington to Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Warren Haynes and Cake..


Breakfast at SkyVue – Lodge overnight guests get complimentary breakfast, those who wish to arrive early enough to eat breakfast should reserve when registering and cost will be extra.


Sign-In begins at 8:30 a.m. When you register please make reservations for lunch and pizza


Speakers & Workshops


9-10 - Linda Apple: Writing Life ~ Your Stories Matter
Everyone has a story. The problem is many do not believe their stories matter. In this course Linda will help you identify and value your story using the LOWE principle and writing them in the creative nonfiction style of writing. She will also discuss how we weave our personal experiences in our fiction to make it more authentic.


Break for Networking


10:30 – 11:30: Shirley McDaniel TELLING STORIES WITH ART Shirley will exhibit her artwork and talk about how art and writing are tied together.


11:30 - 2 : You may bring your own or join us down the road at Grandmas for delightful Ozark home cooking. Grandma does not take credit cards so bring some cash. A tad over $10 will cover a terrific meal.


2 – 3:30: Kelly Henkins MARKETING YOUR WORK Blogging is one form of marketing. Writers Digest has provided a book to give away. The internet offers multiple ways to market you and your books. Finding the ones that work for you take time – time well spent. This presentation is designed to help you find the ones that fit you and how to work them to your advantage. Three is the Key and the Thumper Rule applies. Includes a break for one-on-one consultation with Kelly


3:30 – 4:30: Molly Lemmons, STORIES FROM THE HEART The humor and pathos of growing up in a very special time is demonstrated in a delightful way in Molly Lou Belle's stories straight from her heart.


4:30 – 5:30 : Velda Brotherton is an award winning, multi-published author, teacher and mentor. Her workshop teaches the fundamentals of writing and tricks of the trade that will mesmerize and entertain readers.


5:30 – Pizza served in the conference room. $10.00 Reservations for the meal required when you sign-in.


Those staying Friday and/or Saturday night should make their reservations at skyvuelodge.com as soon as possible. Campers reserve a spot at Lake Fort Smith State Park soon too. The Boston Mountains are a beautiful spot to spend the weekend. The Lake park has lovely picnic spots for day use and is only a few miles from SkyVue Lodge. Boat tours are available.


To register send $40 to Pay Pal Storytellers of America or mail a check made out to Velda Brotherton, 14284 Sunset Rd, Winslow, AR 72959.


Award winning author and speaker Linda Apple

Linda Apple is a Mississippi gal whose roots run deep in the South. Her stories flow from generations of Southern women who shared their stories and their wisdom while cooking, enjoying meals together, and rocking on the front porch in the velvety, magnolia perfumed evening breeze. From this rich heritage of storytelling and these memories Linda’s path to writing was formed.

She believes everyone has a story and that these stories matter. They are the thread that weaves humanity together and helps us to understand others. Her personal experience stories have been published in sixteen Chicken Soup of the Soul books and she has two books, Writing Life ~ Your Stories Matter and Writing From Your Soul, that teaches others to write their stories. She has taught workshops across the Midwest and East coast of the United States and in the United Kingdom.

She also tells her stories through fiction. Her books, Women of Washington Avenue and Avalee’s Gift are the first two books in her Moonlight Mississippi series. She is currently working on book three.

In addition to writing, she is also a motivational speaker. Her desire is to encourage, affirm, nurture talent, and equip people in order to help them achieve their goals and follow their dreams.

She has served as president for the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. and presently serves as the Arkansas Regional Speaker Trainer for Stonecroft. Linda and her husband, Neal, live in Northwest Arkansas. They have five married children and thirteen grandchildren.

Jesse Dean

Jesse Dean was born and raised in a green, rocky hollow a few miles from Winslow, Arkansas, in a house with a piano for every room, walls hung with guitars and banjos, and a tin roof for rainy-day percussion. His skill as a musician is homegrown. He learned by ear, brought up on bluegrass, gospel, soul, blues and rock, and the skill and stylings of his musician father, Keith Yingling
His are edgy songs of the South, smooth and blue, soaked in the sounds of the delta, revved up Texas boogie, richly electric rough-hewn southern rock played solid and clean. For the past seven years, Jesse has been rocking lead guitar and vocals as frontman for Jesse Dean and Left of Center

Molly Loubelle Lemmons Storyteller

MollyLouBelle's has six published books. The first one, Kind of Heart, is the one from which she takes her stories from her heart. She shares these stories with children's assemblies in schools, libraries, private parties, zoos, story conferences and in teaching workshops on Heart Writing. She is a member of several organizations, including Oklahoma Territory Tellers, Oklahoma City Writers, Inc. and has been published in numerous magazines and newspapers. She has lived in Mustang, OK for over 50 years, is the mother of two, and "GrandMolly" to two.

Kelly Henkins Promotional Guru

Kelly Henkins began actively pursuing a writing career thirty years ago. Since then she has won many awards for short pieces, partials and poetry. She lists a weekly newspaper column, over sixty magazine articles and a novel among her accomplishments. KellysCountry, one of seven blogs she operates, gives her the opportunity to interview music artists for both the blog and publication. She is the marketing director for Oghma Creative Media and Saddlebag Dispatches magazine and operates seven blogs. She is a member of Sleuths Ink and has judged for multiple RWA writing competitions.

JULY 16-17, 2016
SKY VUE LODGE, ON SCENIC 71 22822 N. Highway 71, Winslow, AR
Featured Speakers: Crow Johnson Evans, composer musician; Gordon Bonnet, sci-fi author; Paula Jones, artist; Casey Cowan, cover designer; Velda Brotherton, author; Dusty Richards, Spur winning author. Look for a surprise visit or two.

To register for conference: $40 to Pay Pal veldaeb@gmail.com, or mail a check to Velda Brotherton, 14284 Sunset Rd., Winslow, AR. 72959. Spaces are limited so register early. Conference begins at 10 a.m. Saturday morning, ends at 3 p.m. Sunday. Lunch is on your own. A list of eating places will be available. The Saturday evening meal will be supplied by Sky Vue for $9.25 per person.

To register for overnight Saturday, call Sky Vue Lodge at 800-782-2003 or register on the website www.skyvuelodge.com. Check cabin information and price range from $67 to $97. We suggest you reserve cabins in groups to make room for all. Internet is available. This is a lovely mountain lodge but space is limited so again, reserve early and team up. It’ll be fun. RV ers call Lake Ft. Smith State Park and reserve a space early as well. This is a popular tourist area and we want you to get in. The lake and park is six miles south of Sky Vue.

A tip: Do not use I 49 or we’ll have to send a St Bernard to guide you in. Take scenic highway 71, either from the north or south. The Lodge is four miles south of Winslow or eleven miles north of Mountainburg, on top of the Boston Mountain.

Speakers and programs are below:

SATURDAY MARCH 11, 2017 9 – 4:30
Presenting workshops for all authors. Published authors may bring books to exhibit.

Storytellers of America contest awards will be presented in the afternoon. To enter any of the following contests, there is a one time $10 fee. Entries are due by Feb.22. Send $10 via Pay Pal to Storytellers of America or mail a check to Venessa Cerasale at 1706 SE “P” Street, Bentonville, AR 72712

Contest Rules: Winners must be present to accept award; only one entry per category; only those registered to attend the conference may enter; entries must be formatted properly for the category entered, double spaced, 12 point font. Send one copy of entry unless otherwise requested in the category to Venessa McDaniel Cerasale
1706 SE P Street, Bentonville AR 72712 Entries will not be returned unless otherwise noted.

1 - Best Book of the Year – Northwest Arkansas Writers Workshop
$100 - Must have been published between Jan 2015 and July 2016, no restrictions on genre or length. Send one copy of the published book (no ms please) Judges will be drawn from the Northwest Arkansas Writers Workshop.

2 – Best Book Manuscript - Cassville Writers - $50 Winner. Send the first chapter and a five page synopsis of your book in any genre. Double spaced, properly formatted. No erotica.

3 – Flash Fiction - Linda Sartin - $50 to winner - 99 words, any genre. Double spaced. No erotica.

4. Fiction - Author's Anonymous –- $50 First Place winner only. Short Story, any genre. 1500-3000 word count, Times New Roman 12pt, double spaced.

5 - Play Writing - Actor's Casting Agency- Grand prize is publication with Shamrock Press. Whole manuscript of a play or screenplay, doesn't matter how many acts. Full scripts. No limit on length.

6 - Poetry - Ozark Poets & Writers Collective, Fayetteville, AR.
1st Place $70 + a large pile of poetry books. 2nd Place $30 + a small pile of poetry books. 1 Honorable Mention + a small pile of poetry books: Open to any form of poetry, with a theme of entropy and/or ectropy, which means things that are breaking down or spiraling out of control and its complement which is increasing order of the building up of things. A good example would be how the ocean or other body of water can either rob the ground of sand/soil to build up a shore, or how it can tear away at a shore and cause collapse as that soil returns to the ground underwater. You may look at it scientifically or metaphorically in any way that you interpret those life forces. Length: maximum 42 lines. Winner will be chosen by a committee of judges.

7 - Song Writing - Crow Johnson Evans
$30 First Place; $20 Second Place - Each entry must include double-spaced typed lyric, a cover sheet with composers name and email, and a digital form of the song (CD, maps) or audio cassette. Lyrics and music must be created by the applicant and not yet published. All copyrights will remain with the authors/composers. Each songwriter will receive written constructive criticism. Criteria for judging will be: Match of music style and lyrics; Hook, arresting idea, memorable message and title; Strength or grab of the first verse; Sing-ability of the chorus; Does it make the listener want to hear it again? What will not be considered: Quality of performance; Any introductory comments; Musicianship; Profanity.

8. Water Color Art - The John Lisle Award - First Place $300, Second Place $200, Third Place $100. Water Color Size 15 x 22 or 22 x 30. Entries are to be taken to the Storyteller conference Saturday a.m. and delivered to the registration table where judge(s) will pick up. Work may be picked up by artist following the awards banquet Sat. night.

In order to attend you must be registered. We will cut off registrations at 75. To register please email: veldaeb@gmail.com or dustyrichards@cox.net.

Storyteller Writer's Conference July 16-17 Sky Vue Lodge Winslow AR 72959
will feature the following speakers:

Dusty Richards, two-time Spur award winner

Dusty Richards grew up riding horses and watching his western heroes on the big screen. He even wrote book reports for his classmates, making up westerns since English teachers didn’t read that kind of book. But his mother didn’t want him to be a cowboy, so he went to college, then worked for Tyson Foods and auctioned cattle when he wasn’t an anchor on television.
But his lifelong dream was to write the novels he loved. He sat on the stoop of Zane Grey’s cabin and promised that he’d get published. And in 1992, his first book, Noble’s Way, hit the shelves. Since then, he’s written 150 more, the latest of which, The Mustanger and the Lady, has been optioned for a full-length motion picture – Dusty’s first book to do so.
If he can steal some time, he also likes to fish for trout on the White River.

Lisa Wingate -- Award winning author

Selected among Booklist’s Top 10 for two consecutive years, international bestselling author Lisa Wingate, skillfully weaves lyrical writing and unforgettable settings with elements of traditional Southern storytelling, history, and mystery to create novels that Publisher's Weekly calls "Masterful."

Lisa is a journalist, an inspirational speaker, and the author of twenty-five novels. She is a seven-time ACFW Carol Award nominee, a multiple Christy Award nominee, A Christy Award Winner, a two-time Carol Award winner, and a 2015 RT Booklovers Magazine Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner for mystery/suspense. Recently, the group Americans for More Civility, a kindness watchdog organization, selected Lisa as a recipient of the National Civies Award, which celebrates public figures who work to promote greater kindness and civility in American life. Booklist summed up her work by saying, “Lisa Wingate is, quite simply, a master storyteller.” More information about her novels can be found at www.lisawingate.com.

Gordon Bonnet -- Author

Bio: Gordon Bonnet has been writing ever since his story “Crazy Bird Bends His Beak” won critical acclaim in Mrs. Moore’s first grade class in Central Elementary School. He writes speculative fiction – take the world, and change one of the rules, and see what happens. He lives in upstate New York with his wife and two canine writing assistants.
Presentation: Thinking Outside the Story – all stories are, at their core, based on the same themes. At the same time, your perspective is a lens on the world that no one else has. How do you gain an angle on your characters, plot, and setting that will make it soar? We’ll look at a few ways to give a unique twist to your work.

Crow Johnson Evans -- Musician, composer, and author

Bio -- An award-winning musician and writer, Crow’s prose has been published in New Works Review, Mysteries of the Ozarks, and Flights of Fancy. Her songwriting skills appear on her five recordings as well as those of major artists in country, pop, and folk. She’s conducted dozens of songwriting workshops, Getting to the Song That Only You Can Write, at colleges across the country and now focuses her own creative time on short stories and essays.
Presentation -- Songs ‘n Stories Have A Lot in Common---An entertaining and informative session comparing the challenges and techniques in crafting each.

Casey Cowan, Publisher Oghma Creative Media

Casey is a writer, photographer, and graphic designer who has worked in and around the journalism, printing, and literary fields for twenty years. In early 2013, he co-founded Oghma Creative Media, a Fayetteville-based renaissance press dedicated to rewriting the rules of the publishing industry. As President and Creative Director there, Casey helps brand, promote, and publish authors, nationwide. During the three minutes a day he’s not promoting other authors and raising his five rowdy teenage children, he also writes, and is currently in the process of penning his first novel, Tarleton’s Quarter.

Velda Brotherton -- Author

Bio: Velda Brotherton has been writing and teaching for over 30 years. Her fiction and nonfiction, includes novels, short stories, books and newspaper articles. She has been published traditionally since 1994. Most recently she conducted two two-hour sessions for OLLI on the history of Drake Field, the men and their planes. She lives in Winslow, Arkansas.
Presentation: Make it Real, Believable, and Realistic. How to make your reader feel the wind and rain, smell the flowers, and believe trouble is on the way. Setting, Internalization and Conflict.

Since winning an art contest in fourth grade, Shirley McDaniel has never stopped drawing. She is a self-taught artist whose imaginative and exquisite fantasy work in pencil, acrylic, and oils can be found in murals in Northwest Arkansas and online on Facebook. She created a Big Foot critter for Pam Foster’s book, Big Foot Momma. Though her works of fantasy are most popular, she also paints scenery, birds, and just about anything that catches her eye. Shirley is a native of Arkansas.


"When I was a little kid Uncle Rob brought me up here to the pond to fish. Luke and Mark were just babies back then. Uncle Rob and my dad were real close, even though Dad was a lot older. They were around most of the time, especially after the accident. Uncle Rob had his own place, his own family, but he helped out where he could till I was old enough and even after that. Now I think of it, that was the best part of my life.
She came around beside him, dropped to her knees on the carpet of grass. A breeze blew up, teasing her hair across her face. When she reached to brush it back, he touched her hand with his fingertips.
"I want to tell you something," he murmured. She leaned toward him to hear. "I want you to know this because of the way I feel, the way I think you feel. It would be unfair if I didn't tell you. Every time I get ready to die, something stops me. Some hellish desire, I'm not even sure what. But it isn't a desire to make my life better. I was supposed to die over there, that's why I went back the third … the last time. To complete the circle. I'm sorry I didn’t. I look at this pond and think that would be a good way to finish it. They say after the first panic, drowning is peaceful."
Heart kicking painfully against her ribs, she grabbed his hands, willed him to turn away from the gossamer surface and look into her eyes. "Don't say that, please don't even think it."
"Katie, you don't know. God, I hope you never do know what I'm feeling."
"I do know that I care what happens to you. And I know, dammit, that you care about me, too." Her eyes filled with tears, her nose and throat choked up until she couldn't speak.
"I do, but don't you see, I don't dare care about anyone anymore. If I did, believe me, I would care for you. I can't. When I was over there, at first all I wanted was to live through it and come back home to … to …. Then by the third tour, each time I crawled in that chopper, it was to die. I've never been able to do that, have I? Not even when the fucking thing crashed. Everyone but me dead. Who can live who needs so badly to die? In the camps, when we found out the war was over, America had gone home and left us there, we were obsessed. First with denial, then with anger. For a long time those feelings kept us from giving up. We finally admitted that no one back home gave a damn if we ever came back. Then all the stink and filth, the pain and terror became a constant. A day by day life. Some of us got too stubborn for our own good. After a while it was a grizzly contest to see who could endure the most punishment."
A frenzied intensity lay just beneath the words, and she stopped him the only way she could think of. Could not let him go on here in this peaceful place. She hugged him into the hollow of her shoulder. An awkward move because of the arms of the chair. Still the hug muffled his words.
"Listen to me. You can have a life. You can. A piece of something pure and wonderful. All you have to do is try. Please, please, don't do this."
He sighed, turned so his lips touched her cheek. They were soft and warm against her cold skin. After a moment when she didn't move away, he broke the contact, but didn't pull from her caress. "You try so damned hard," he said. "I'm afraid it won't be worth it, for either of us."