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Another Contract

Today was another good day. A publisher has agreed to publish a book for which he asked me to send a proposal last October. When he approached me at Ozark Creative Writer's Conference, I was amazed. I've never written a cookbook, but he is a requisitions editor for a small press, Goldminds Publishing, LLC, and they are having a lot of success with cookbooks that include stories of specific areas. So I will write him a cookbook with stories and photos of our Boston Mountains of the Arkansas Ozarks. This is my second contract within the past few weeks, and I'm so happy to be working on deadline again.

With the book business in such disarray, it only makes sense to go where the business is good, even if it means going in another direction.

I like fiction. I love to write fiction, both novels and short stories. But right now where it's at is nonfiction in a category with which I'm very familiar. The history of the Ozarks. Adding recipes seems the easy part. Still, writing nonfiction is much more difficult than writing fiction. However, I'll write the stories of these people with a great deal of affection for their way of life. It's where I come from, though I've traveled in a wide circle to return home.

My latest short story came out in Echoes of the Ozarks Volume IV in December, and I'm working on one for an anthology called Voices Vol. II, so my fiction desires are being fulfilled. Which reminds me, I need to get to work on that latest short story. It's due Dec. 31 and that's coming right up.

Have a Happy New Year, and writers: Write, Network, Pitch, Attend Workshops and learn your craft. Then Teach it.  Read More 
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