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Angels & Devils

Ravens and Angels
Always having been a planner, a list maker, a ‘let’s figure out what we’re going to do tomorrow’ kind of person, life sometimes slaps me upside of the head. I love deadlines for my books, have only missed one, and that occurred this winter when the book I was working on, due in November, had to be put aside in October when my husband passed away. Thinking we always have everything under control is something that is almost never true.

At any rate, I turned the book in a couple of weeks ago, and my marvelous publisher understood and said it will be out in May as scheduled. So you can look for my next Twist of Poe mystery, The Pit and the Penance, out there everywhere in May. Cover design by Casey Cowan, published by Oghma Creative Media.

Next, to my delight, I was asked to sign a three book contract for books that will come out in 2017. I’m happily working on a sequel to Beyond the Moon. When you read that book you’ll see why it needs a sequel, and I’m excited to be started on it. Actually, I’d better get busy on the next Twist of Poe. We like one to come out in May each year and I need to come up with another brilliant twist of the old Poe titles. I may go a little further afield from one of his actual titles of stories, and try to twist a raven quote from that well-known poem.

We’ll need the title before this current book is released to titillate my readers with an idea of the next book. So far I’m being a bit silly with this one. Chattered the Raven rather than Quoth the Raven immediately came to mind, but it’s not such a good book title. Or is it? Maybe you’d like to chime in with some ideas or agree with this one.

Me, I’m going to do some more writing on the very first chapter of Beyond the Moon. This one, you’re gonna love. It’s filled with the spiritual, the paranormal, exploring what’s out there waiting for us at the end of our lives. Are there other places for lovers bonded for eternity? Dare we look for them? You can see I’m playing around a lot checking out some weird stuff to explore. Titles? Not yet, but I’ll have one soon.
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