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Sites to Expose Your Brand Online

I do not necessarily recommend these sites for your specific needs. I merely suggest you check them out. LIST BOOKS AUTHORS SOCIAL MEDIA SITE LIST BOOKS LIST BOOKS LIST BOOKS LIST BOOKS BLOG

http://Morgen is always looking for guests for her hugely popular blog Will display your book covers A unique a different way to promote. Must have ePub copy of your book. For artists, photographers, writers (includes poets) books & blog to set up giveaways for book promos Join if you have books on Kindle. Lots of info shared here. Catalog your books online

Brainstorming for Keywords

Google for specific needs and find many more sites that are genre specific or open to all genres.  Read More 
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Since I seldom actually get a blog written here, I thought I'd tell everyone who pops over to read this blog because it's there in bold letters at the top of my web site, I do post regularly on a blog you might find of interest. It's at
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